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Long Gun from Tucson episode #121

At the end of the show you will see Lucas facing four bad guys. Watch closely while Lucas is walking towards the right. You can see a reflection of a camera light in the window behind him. Thanks Pete! 

Nils said in Long Gun from Tucson that he had been there at least 5 years, and apparently he had probably been in North Fork longer then that from the way it was understood in that episode.  In Anvil Chorus, Nils said that he'd been in North Fork "Nearly as long as Lucas, which may be about five years by that point... Thanks Michelle!

I found this interesting being that the first Blacksmith we see is John Dierkes played Nels in Duel of Honor and in The Sister.  And several others played the Blacksmith until Joe Higgins his first appearance on The Rifleman was in Strange Town as the Bartender. He didn't play Nils until March 7th, 1961. He even played different characters between playing Nils and others have played Nils since. Cowgirl!

About 18 minutes into the Long Gun From Tucson, Mark runs past two other bad guys to go see Lucas at the Marshall's office. You can hear that the floor is fake.... I've never heard dirt thud like that when someone ran across it. It sounds more like dirt covered plywood stage floor to me.
You can hear it again later in Gunfire after the shoot out at about 54:40 minutes into the show when Lucas flicks the rifle away from the bad guy. The rifle hits the floor with quite a big thunk, again like hitting plywood under dirt on a stage. Thanks Ruskin!

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