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The Lost Treasure of Canyon Town episode #99 - 1 of 2 pages

Why does Mark close the door to the back room when he goes to get the lanterns to walk up the mountain? Why also is it not pitch dark in the room? He finds the lanterns with no trouble but with the door closed it would be impossible.

Love how Mark keeps seeing stuff through the window but there really is a face on that tumbleweed. Made it really scary.

I thought James was supposed to stay out of sight and come out only at night but he's the one pointing the gun on Mark, Lucas and Micah in the beginning. How did he get the gun and does he have a license to carry. LOL

Is he closing the door that Mark keeps seeing or is it the wind?

Did you also realize that the scene, after Mark is rescued, when the beam gives way and collapses is the same scene they used in The Schoolmaster / Lost Treasure of Canyon Town. once Lucas pushes Mark out the opening and climbs out after him, while James Newman is tearing down the support beams. Thanks BluewindFarm!

 Micah "grew up" in Canyon Town and Mr. Newman has not seen him in "25 years". Since the series was set in the early 1880's, this would mean that Micah was living in Canyon Town in the late'1850's and (since Micah is 50+ in the series), he "grew up" in Canyon Town in the 1840s. Problem: New Mexico was Mexican territory until the late 1840's, and there were very few Anglo towns in NM prior to the late 1850's. Also, in Blood Brother, Micah said that "thirty years before" he lived in Montana (which was not really populated in the early 1850's, either. Thanks Renewed Fan!

In Lost Treasure when Mark is lost in the cave he finds an opening and crawls through but that guy climbing up the rocks is much bigger than Johnny but when he falls down the rocks, it maybe is Johnny. Thanks markisddg!

It seemed that Chuck just smiled or wanted to smile throughout the whole episode. I wonder what he was so happy about! Itís wonderful to see that gorgeous smile of his a lot more than usual. Maybe Chuck had gotten some good news the day before filming parts of this episode? Thanks Ann Marie!

At the end of the episode when Lucas & Mark are sitting on Mr. Newman's front porch, Mark laments how he thought they were rich and Lucas tells him they are and tries to make Mark understand what he's talking about. He asks Mark if he remembers the old oak tree back at the ranch that he use to climb when he were knee high. Lucas and Mark arrived in North Fork when Mark was 10. This is season 3 so Mark would be 12 now. Although Mark was not a big child, I wouldn't exactly say he was knee high when he was 10. That seems to be a way of describing a child not much older than 5 or 6, not a 10 year old. Thanks flabird!

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