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The Lost Treasure of Canyon Town episode #99 - 2 of 2 pages

One would have thought Mark would have learned his lesson about going into an abandoned mine in the schoolmaster,  but evidently he didn't
 Thanks Random Rambler / Dana!

 Oneonta Star (Oneonta, New York)
February  25, 1961

Must Contend With Cave-in

The signs, big and somehow menacing in themselves, were hung everywhere at four Star Studios to warn the unwary visitor of the set of ABC - TV's The Rifleman.
Inside, cameramen moved with gas masks on their faces. Smoke and dust combine to make a dough, Brown mist...

"This may not be the best show on television," quipped star Chuck Connors, "but it's sure the most dangerous."

The Rifleman story, titled "Cave-In" airs Tuesday. To make it, over 30,000 ft. of soundstage were covered with a maze of tunnels. "And when it caves in... look out," emphasized Chuck. "We figure we've got only one chance to film the scene. There'll be no retakes. If something goes wrong, I guess will just have to do another script. It took a week to build the tunnel -and it takes 15 seconds to blow it up.

"I haven't seen so much dust," said Chuck peering around, "since I slid headfirst into third base during a Dodger-Giant game. "And incidentally, "adds the salty ex- first baseman, "I was called safe."

As Lucas enters the cave to search for Mark, Lucas' lantern is quite dim.

Just a second later, it's as bright as Mark's. Thanks Ann Marie!

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