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Lucas and Mark are in their buck board facing toward Mr. Juniper. He is walking towards them in his new suit headed to Isabel's house and walks behind them. John has gotten messed up by the Profits and is tied up in the road...Mark and Lucas happen by and are now headed in the other direction so they must have had to turn around in town. They take John to Isabel's outside of town. The next scene we see Lucas and Mark riding back into town and the Profits jump in front of their horses. Why would they be riding back into town if they were on their way home? Thanks markisddg!

When John Jupiter throws Jim Profit up onto the roof he winds up with his head in the wrong direction from how he was thrown. His feet would have been hanging off the roof/sign not his head. Thanks markisddg!

Why is John building another house for him and Isabel when she has a perfectly fine home right outside of town. Thanks markisddg!

When Lucas asks if he saw Isabel's house he says it's a nice little house not big enough for....then stops was he gonna say for children?
Thanks markisddg!

In Mail Order Groom the woman, Isabel, mentioned Judge Hanavan. She said how he sold his land to her and not the Profits. He was never seen again after The Photographer. Cowgirl!

What is a.....Woolly bugger? Lucas told John his suit was a woolly bugger and John used the phrase later in the show. I never heard that expression before. do you think it was made up or is it actually an old term? Any ideas?

Wellllll.....I've heard it before being use to describe something that is ugly, big, outdated. Down here in the South, I've heard it used like that....which really does describe the suit he was wearing. Anyone else?

We call those wooly caterpillars "wooly boogers" here. I looked it up in this slang dictionary, and it had either bugger or booger, and it listed the worms and the fishing reference. It also said in Arkansas and Oklahoma, it meant a provision in a legislative act that would just be overlooked anyway. And last, in the Southwest it was a term for anything out of the ordinary or interesting. Here I thought he was talking about his itchy long handles.

My own thought is "Wooly Bugger" is a another word for wooly worm which is a caterpillar. Here in Michigan Wooly Worms are said to predict the severity of the oncoming winter by the thickness of their "coat". They are usually a fuzzy black with a little brown in them. I offer below back-up to support my claim. Ol' Lucasboy The woolly worm is a very old fly that can be found in Izaak Walton's 1653 book 'The Complete Angler'. Russell's original Woolly Bugger had a black marabou tail, and a black hackled olive chenille body, (just like our Viva Woolly Bugger). He had designed it to fish the small mouth bass in the streams near his home. Thanks Lucas!

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