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Mail Order Groom episode #56 - 2 of 3 pages

The Profit brothers rope & tie Mr. Juniper to a hitching post. The picture on the left is when the brothers finished their nasty deed and left. Before they left we see Jess rip the flower off of Jupiter's jacket and pour what I would say was whiskey all over him.

Mark & Lucas happen along and find Jupiter tied to the hitching post on the ground and help him up. We know Jupiter struggles to break the hitching post from the ground, but how did his shirt & vest become unbuttoned, even his tie is loosen & his jacket is torn. Jess didn't do all this, I find it hard to believe that from Jupiter's struggle to get loose that he did the rest of the damage to his jacket. Maybe some, but not the buttons on his vest or shirt unbuttoned. You would think if that was the case he would have ripped the buttons off in the struggle. Cowgirl!

If you look at the picture above on the left, on the right side of the window we see two holes in the building. Was there something there that they removed for this scene? I think it was a light/lamp that was removed. This is in front of Doc. Burrage's Office. Cowgirl!

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