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While Dr. Burrage is trying to cool down Rudy Gray’s fever, look at the shadows of Lucas and the bedpost in the photo on the left. Then look at the bedposts’ shadows on the pillow next to Rudy Gray’s head. There are a couple of problems here. Behind Lucas are two different shadows—a dark one, and a much lighter one to the left of it—which means there is more than one light source. The lamp to the right of Lucas is lit. (Part of the lamp’s light is shining on the wall.) That is making the dark shadow of Lucas. The head of Rudy’s bed is right against a window. A bright light is shining through. Whether it’s actually the sun or not, I don’t know. But the light is bright—not approaching dusk or twilight, or simulated to look like dusk or twilight. So why is the lamp on?

Also, the shadows on the wall are definitely the head post. The blue arrow points to where the footboard caught the light. The green arrow shows the shadow being cast. It’s faint, but it’s there—and very low on the wall. The same light wouldn’t cast two different shadows that vary greatly in size. Also, there are no little diamond shaped pieces on the foot posts to match the shadows on the wall—more visible in the third picture.

A stage light in the foreground—much closer to Dr. Burrage but out of the shot—is making the lighter shadow of Lucas and that really big shadow of the bedpost. It can’t be the sun or “sun” that we see in the photo on the right at the same angle. Because whatever the light source is in the photo on the right, the bedposts’ shadows are being cast down onto the pillow, not over on the wall. If you go by the angle of the sun or “sun” in the second photo, those bedposts’ shadows that are on the wall should be on the bed’s blankets instead. At that angle in the second photo, at the most, only a small portion—just the top—of the bed posts shadow would be on the wall. Not all the way up the wall. Thanks Ann Marie!

Lucas worn the deputies badge on his right side of his shirt in both of these episodes - The Man from Salinas and in Gun Fire. In Gun Fire.....he picked up the badge and pinned it on the right side of my shirt. "You’re suppose to wear that over your heart," said Micah. Lucas replied: "I've got a big heart Micah". Cowgirl!

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