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Watch were the bullet hole appears that Lucas shoots through the hotel door. Now look at the hole from the other side when Lucas opens it. The hole appears much lower in the door. Lucas was kneeling when he shot so if anything the hole should be higher not lower. Thanks Pete!

When Lou has come back from a "date" with Lucas in Mark's Rifle she opens the door to the hotel and it wasn't locked. Why wouldn't she have someone at the front desk even a watchman? Weren't hotels open all night in case someone rides in and needs a room or if a customer needs something like "milk." Why was it dark in the lobby? Even if she closes the place at night wouldn't the front doors be locked. I think that was a real blunder. Thanks markisddg!

When Marty is at the front desk asking her to have dinner with him and then asks her to change a fifty....Lou bends down by the safe and shows Marty while she opens it. She practically shows him the combination. What a dumb place for a safe and doesn't she know enough to open the safe privately? You can see he is checking out the combination. Thanks markisddg!

I wondered about the hotel being closed up and dark. I can see locking the door at a certain time if there was a bell to ring outside in case someone needed a room late or some kind of system. Otherwise, it seems like the lights would be on and there would be a person at the desk or around close by. Did Lou take off with Lucas and leave no one in charge of the hotel? Thanks TVFan!

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