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Mark's Rifle episode #150 - 4 of 5 pages

There are two major discrepancies/inconsistencies, which inadvertently end up mocking the series first two landmark episodes: Mark says that 1. - he never shot a rifle before (and yet he says that he is able to shoot his pa's rifle in The Sharpshooter!!! making it clear that his pa taught him to shoot way before Marty ever got into the picture), and 2. - he admires Marty for being not much older than himself and yet is "all on his own... able to do what he wants, able to take care of himself, and go where he wants" (but he was already doing all this in Home Ranch at age 10 !!!! - as well as throughout the first season +, and again in The Wyoming Story at age 12 - not to mention sternly insisting on taking care of his pa when he got shot down in The Marshal and other times throughout the series). It's as if this one mediocre storyline strives to wipe out in one fell swoop the series two shining foundation episodes, which all the others are supposed to be based on. (Right up there with trying to change the age Mark was when his ma died - What?!). Go figure. Thanks Shilohbloo!

The footage of the bottles being shot off the tree trunk during Lucas’ and Jeremy Pennebroke’s shooting originally aired in The Sporting Chance, later the exhibition was used in Mark’s Rifle.
Thanks Ann Marie!

Mark bought a model 73 Winchester. The only model 73 Winchester rifle was the 1873 center fire rifle lever action very similar to Lucas' model 1892. Winchester never made a 73 model as not to confuse people with the 1873 model. The rifle Mark bought was a rim fire 22 caliber pump action. My research indicates the first pump action.22 made by Winchester was in 1890. Not sure that would fit the timeline, especially since it was a used rifle when Mark bought it Thanks Boneyard!

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