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The Marshal episode #4 - 1 of 7 pages

Lloyd Carpenter & the Shelton brothers come to a sign in the road - They look up as to be reading it.....
North Fork / Baesore Meadows - they (as in Shelton brothers) choose North Fork.
If they ain't spelling men, then I can't imagine they be reading men.
*“We ain’t spelling men, Florry Shelton declared. Cowgirl!

No rug - Mark is getting ready to scrub the floor in the living area with a mop. BUT when we watch The Schoolmaster — Mark is sweeping a rug.

People and parents don't always think rationally... but if Mark had been drinking alcohol, wouldn't Lucas have smelled it on Mark's breath, heard Mark being sick, or noticed Mark having an awful headache the next morning?
Thanks Ramdon rambler!

When we meet Micah, his "bad" arm is nearly useless. It gets better in the other episodes. Thanks Rob!

Warren Oates played a brother in three episodes - BloodlinesThe MarshalDay of Reckoning. Cowgirl!

Horse Head Hitch ornament — In The Marshal you can see a horse head hitch ornament ― The Deadly WaitThe JailbirdThe Silent Knife. Cowgirl!

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