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The Marshal episode #4 - 2 of 7 pages

While eating dinner with Micah and Mark, Lucas’ top two frog closures are undone on the corduroy shirt.
Thanks Ann Marie!

At the end, when Lucas is getting tended to, from the view that shows Lucas’ profile, the pillow is high and supporting his head. It’s a lot lower when the camera switches to show all of his face. The top of the pillow is just a little above the top of his ears. It’s moreso supporting his neck. Additionally, that white pillow in the profile shot doesn’t look like it has a pillow case over it—you can see the “seam” (edge) of the pillow too easily. Obviously there’s a case over it in the front shot—the excess of the case is hanging over and around his left shoulder. Also, one last thing. Look at the photo on the left. We can’t see any part of his right shoulder or arm. So he must’ve been sitting completely differently (awkwardly) as well. Thanks Ann Marie!

Is it just me or does anyone else think Micah got promoted to the job of Marshal pretty darn quick after the shooting? After all the people of North Fork hardly knew Micah. Did they have a special meeting of the town council and vote Micah in because he killed the bad guys and saved Lucas life? Thanks wildwest!

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