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During that wide exterior shot—the first thing we see in the shootout scene with Lucas, Lloyd, Andrew, Florry and later Micah—North Fork doesn’t look like North Fork. Thanks Ann Marie!

When Florry says, “We was drunk the first time we met Torrance, only seems proper and fitting we are on this special occasion,” a boom mike shadow dips into the top right area of the screen—right next to the mirror. When Andrew starts his line, the shadow swings to the left. Thanks Ann Marie!

As Florrie and Andrew are starting to break up the saloon again, stop the frame. Before the bottle Florrie throws hits the mirror, you can see that part of the mirror on the left side is already broken. Thanks Ann Marie!

Fences — Lucas told Micah that he wanted to hire him to build fences. So we see him working on the corral—okay that’s close enough, I guess. But in the previous episode, in End of A Young Gun, the corral was finished. (The barn is behind Lucas.) Thanks Ann Marie!

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