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The Marshal episode #4 - 7 of 7 pages

In the beginning of The Marshal, while the Shelton brothers are sitting at the fork in the road with the sign, a faint fence line about 100 yards behind them is visible. I'm sure if we were supposed to see this, it would be wooden posts or barbwire, and closer to the action, but it's very far away and maybe something like chain link. Later, when Lucas and Micah are talking in the corral they are building, again it looks as if there is a fence line at the base of the hills in the distance, it kind of intersects with the brim of Lucas' hat and recedes up a hill. Thanks Charlene F.!

After Florry opens the Feed And Grain store door just a bit, they cut back to Lucas holding the rifle, looking around for the Shelton Brothers. Behind him, the Feed And Grain doors are completely shut. Thank Ann Marie!

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