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Is it Marshal Fred Tomlinson or is it Sheriff Fred Tomlinson?
In The Marshal R. G. Armstrong is credited as Fred Tomlinson.

In The Sharpshooter The credits read Marshal Fred Tomlinson, but when he introduces himself to Lucas he states Sheriff. Cowgirl!

The Day Town Slept Mark told Micah that he was the best marshal they ever had. Micah ask him how many marshal's has he know. "None except you," said Mark

The Marshal ― What about about Sheriff Fred Tomlinson? Cowgirl!

The question was asked: "What about Sheriff Tomlinson?" in response to Mark saying that Micah was the only Marshal he knew. Sheriff and Marshal are two different things. A Sheriff is over a town or county (and is elected), a Marshal has a much wider range (for instance, these days US Marshals have jurisdiction over any US property), in the "old west", it often included Indian lands (and is *not* elected). So, Mark saying he only knew one Marshal is not unheard of (though I would think that in Enid, OK he may have met a Marshal or not). Thanks Annie Brown!

How far is it from the Dunlap Ranch / McCain Ranch to North Fork?

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