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I have always wondered when they hung the Indian why the other two Indians went up the stairs to carry him down?  Wouldn’t he have fallen thru the trap door?   They could have played the scene under the gallows just as well. Thanks wildwest!

This could be dangerous!

The other night while I was watching The Mescalero Curse & Stopover I notice that there was a hook on the bedroom door in Stopover but not in The Mescalero Curse. Cowgirl!

When Lucas lassoed Shadow, the part that had the dummy on its back, you can see that the rope missed the horses head. Yet the next scene shows that the horse was dragging Lucas in the dirt. Thanks Pete!

I tried to capture this for ya'll to see, but that episode was to dark to be able to capture a good picture. Cowgirl!

I don't know about you but when I look at this town, it sure doesn't look like North Fork! Cowgirl!

Then there's Mescalero Curse when Lucas goes off to try to find the black stallion. Mark asks Lucas if he is going to take the mare and there's a comment about her being high strung. Was she a wild horse that had been broken? Ya' know I never saw that Mare before or after this episode. Thanks Jan!

1.  The hired hand rides up to the McCain house after midnight since he was going to relieve the other guy at midnight.  In less than two seconds flat, Lucas has his jeans and boots on and jeans buttoned and his shirt pulled on.  Surely a hard-working rancher like Lucas didn't burn the midnight oil...especially when they had a hard day of round up to do the next day.

2.  The Indians were drinking at the saloon until around about midnight.  I was under the impression that Indians weren't allowed to drink...or was it only certain ones who weren't allowed to drink?  AND after Buckhart's reception, would they really allow those Indians inside? Thanks Michelle!

I caught Mescalero Curse this afternoon. At the start Lucas and Mark are riding into town, and Mark points out that the streets are deserted. There is to be a hanging in a little while and Lucas says 'Nobody wants to be around until after it's over.'

Why? Every movie I've seen with a hanging, or every photo I've seen of a real hanging, the crowds came out and jammed the place to see the show. Look at the hanging scene early on in True Grit; the whole town turned out to watch the hangings.
Thanks rooster!

After spending a day in the saddle on a dusty trail, and what trail in those days wasn't dusty, Lucas was clean shaven, neat clothes, and not a hair out of place after being under a hat.  Looking like he just came out of the shower and Brylcreemed his hair. And her, after being in the saddle all day looked like she just came out of the beauty salon, and spent an hour in makeup. 
Thanks Bob Booth!

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