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Millie's Brother episode #140 - 1 of 4 pages

At the end of the show, after winning a lot of money at poker, "Mr. Chase" puts his gun on the table, borrows McCain's book on statistics for the Civil War, and leaves all the money he just won at poker and his gun on the table! When he gets on his horse after confessing to Milly that he lied about his time in the war, he has a gun (or at least it looked like a gun) in his holster. But he never goes back to the saloon so unless he had two guns, he never picked up the one on the table or his money! 
Thanks Rock Creek Trail Guide!

When Harry leave town. there is no gun in his holster. They didn't think to put the gun back in the holster. I bet he'll be back for that!  Cowgirl!

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