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The Mind Reader episode #40 - 1 of 3 pages

Abel Goss (John Carradine) is at the hotel door carrying his posters under his arm. When he reaches the hotel desk the posters are turned the other way. Thanks Sally!

In End of a Young Gun Michael Landon's character was named Will and in The Mind Reader his name was Billy, they were two totally different characters. Thanks Michelle Palmer!

When Lucas is looking at the hotel register, he sets his rifle down on the counter. But he sets it either on or near Eddie's hand. Eddie looks down at it and then moves his hand...not sure if this is acting or a boo boo.... Thanks Michelle Palmer!

I saw Charles Seel as the storekeeper (as he was in The Mind Reader) but when Micah entered the store to chastise Charles’ character, he called him “Willard,” and not Barney. Earlier in the show Katy Jurado’s character Julia and a street walker called the Barber “Barney” who was played by Charles Tannen. Thanks Lou!

The shot of the silhouetted Lucas and Mark riding on the backboard at the beginning originally appeared in
The Apprentice Sheriff
. Thanks Ann Marie!

No credit given to either Barney's for The Boarding House

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