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The Mind Reader episode #40 - 2 of 3 pages

When the two men come riding into town at the very beginning, the one on the left has Blueboy.

As McBride says, “The next question asks,” his left hand is extended out from his side, palm facing us. In the close up, just a second later his arm is much lower, closer to his waist and his hand is closed.
Thanks Ann Marie for this page of bloopers!

Don’t know if this is a blooper or just scripting. When Lucas goes into the hotel to look at the register he rings the bell and waits. Why didn’t Lucas just spin the register around and look at it? Never knew Lucas to wait or ask permission for anything. This was a 1˝ minute scene before Eddie came in and he got to see the register. I guess it gave him time to talk to the guys playing cards at the table. But still he could have done the scene by looking at the register himself. Just saying….
Lucas is tall enough he could have looked over and read the names upside down anyway but maybe they didn’t do that in 1881.
Thanks wildwest!

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