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The Silent Knife episode #90 - 1 of 2 pages

(focus on the right side of the book) If you look at Miss Bertie's book of wanted posters you will see the pages are different. The picture on the left where Miss Bertie is holding the book looks and reads different from the poster on the right just showing the book. You can only see part of the page on the right, but enough to know that both of these pages on the right side of the book looks and reads different.

The poster with Duke Jennings picture in it, looks like the picture was just placed over another poster. Cowgirl!

At minute 5:30 in episode #90 of The Rifleman, Miss Bertie, McCain and son walk into the dining room of the hotel, and a man named Jennings speaks to them. McCain says he thought Jennings was in Oklahoma Territory. This is about 1882; Oklahoma Territory came into existence on May 2, 1890, with the Organic Act. In 1882, this would have been known as Indian Territory and No Mans Land. Thanks W Corvi!

In the restaurant you see Duke Jennings cutting his own piece of pie. I don't know of any restaurant that would leave the whole pie on the table for you to help yourself. If you watch when he places the pie on his plate you can see he already had a piece of pie because he didn't eat the crust. Maybe he ordered the whole pie? Cowgirl!

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