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Miss Bertie episode #90 - 2 of 2 pages

The Retired Gun is when we originally see the Feed and Grain - Wes Carney - Prop. Wes and Clare Carney moved to Bolton City at the end of The Retired Gun.  Looks like they never sold the store or they never changed the name.....
That "Wes Carney - Prop" sign can be seen six episodes later in The Silent Knife. Thanks Greg Merrill!

After I got Greg's email I started think about this and I also remembered seeing this sign in The Silent KnifeMiss BertieThe Coward and counting.

Miss Bertie walks into Milly's store with a pair of "rusty" handcuffs. Those were the cleanest "rusty" handcuffs I have ever seen. I was just cleaning some rusty horse shoes to play horse shoes with, and believe me the rust comes off easily on ones hands. Miss Bertie, Milly, and Lucas all handle the handcuffs without getting any rust on their hands at all. Bertie even wipes a clean rag on them without getting any rust on the rag to be seen. Thanks Greg Merrill!

Archie Butler - As the stage is pulling into North Fork, there is an overhead shot of the street, a stock shot used a lot. A rider coming towards the camera, this looks very much like Archie, although there's a small chance it's someone else. Then it cuts to the driver, Archie, as he hands down the bags. Lucas and Mark say that the stage is going on to Santa Fe, but later in the saloon, there is Archie leaning at the bar in the background. And one more thing, the stage looks like it's been driven into a corner! Thanks Charlene F.!

Notice the fingertips on the left hand of Duke Jennings' glove. The glove looks like it is to big or the fingertips to slender for a gunfighters glove. The fingertips in the glove hanging on his holster look rounder and the way a glove should look. Cowgirl!

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