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Joan Taylor is wearing a bra? Since bras weren't invented until 1920, someone in the costume department screwed up. Also, Milly sometimes wears blue jeans such as in The Wyoming Story. Women never wore blue jeans in the 1880's. I'm all for historical accuracy. Also, seems the writers never consulted past scripts. Thanks Caryl T!

When Milly takes over the general store and is walking around in her new business thinking over something that was said to her about how to run her business... she's looking very 50's chic with a bandana/scarf in her hair and a tight white trimly cut blouse that from the back you can see a white bra strap through! I don't think they were out of those whole upper body corsets things in the early 1880's --but hey!... I'm no expert in ladies undergarments... I just was struck that she looked more like a 1950's housewife that an old west storekeep! Thanks KC!

The railroad was built into northern New Mexico well before 1882 (it reached Flagstaff AZ that year), yet in one episode there was a mention of no other store within 100 miles. There was no place IN N. NM where that would be true. On the other hand North Fork was fictional, so it could have any properties.
Mr. Penn: "Never mind your ledger this time, I got the money right here." "Miss Scott, I'm only gonna say this once..... I get my supplies here because it's the only place. If there was another food store in this town you'd never see me again!" Thanks WCorvi!

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