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Or am I confused? Lucas is in the dining room. Lou comes in and says "Good Morning, Lucas." Then Mark walks in, apparently just coming in from school to show Lucas his first A+ (Which from what I heard of the composition definitely didn't deserve an A or a B or a 14 year old kid!!!) After Randall's speech, it's apparently supper time. So, apparently Lou was confused about what time it was...
Thanks Michelle Palmer!

If Sammy didn't use the blanks Lucas gave him, he would have given Lucas back at least 12 bullets and 12 45 's is a handful. Not just a few as he made out when he handed them over. Thanks Bob!

Wade Randall aka Orley Fudd, told Lucas....."He didn't want to bleed to death on a street in North Fork." Isn't that what his character, Tip Corey did in Two Ounces of Tin?

I liked what Mark said about Wade....."He carries a coat of right and wrong inside of him." (That phrase makes you feel good.)

Why does Lucas have to introduce Wade to Miss Mallory when he sits down at the table..wouldn't she have checked him into the hotel. He had been there a while so I'm sure she met him as he was a guest.

Also Wade has been drinking heavily when Lucas goes up to see him in the room and he is swaying and can't walk indicating very drunk. So how come the next morning he is bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready for a huge breakfast. I know he's happy about the plan but still in reality he would be still pretty hung over despite Lucas pouring water over his head. Thanks markisddg!

Lou told Mark that Lucas said to go ahead and have breakfast without him. So why, just a few seconds later, would Mark ask Wade Randall to join him and Lucas for breakfast? I guess Mark wasn’t awake yet! Thanks Ann Marie!

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