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New Orleans Menace episode #10 - 1 of  7 pages

Watch about 5 minutes into the episode. The Czar is demonstrating how he whipped his men to make them drag his carriage when it was stuck. Mark is standing next to Lucas. Lucas grabs the whip - - suddenly and for one camera shot only Mark is standing 10 feet behind Lucas on the porch. In the next camera shot, Mark is again right next to Lucas. Obviously, they were doing some kind of a stunt with a whip, and made sure to move Johnny Crawford well back.  Thanks Renewed Fan!

Lucas and Mark ride home after Lucas talks with Tiffauges. Lucas has the corduroy shirt on. But when he is home later that evening—we know it’s supposed to be the same day because of the storyline and what is supposed to happen the next day—he has the thinner shirt on with the regular buttons. Thanks Ann Marie!

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