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New Orleans Menace episode #10 - 4 of  7 pages

As Tiffauges and his men ride up, we see a close-up shot of Lucas and Mark working on the butter. Mark lets go of the churn and walks away. The angle changes to a much wider shot. Now Mark lets go of the churn handle a second time. Thanks Ann Marie!

When Lucas tells Mark to go back and churn the butter, note the position of the churn. It is centered in front of the door. After Tiffauges says, “Very nice little place you have here, McCain,” they cut to a shot of just Lucas and Mark. Now it appears Mark has moved over about a foot to our right. Now he’s centered in front of the door trim. I think the bucket that was next to the churn moved a bit as well, to our left, so Lucas ends up completely blocking it in the shot on the right. Thanks Ann Marie!

New Orleans Menace: How did Xavier know Mark’s name? In the next scene, while Lucas and Mark were working on the butter, Lucas acted like he hadn’t seen Tiffagues and his men before. He introduced himself and Mark to them then. Thanks Ann Marie!

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