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New Orleans Menace episode #10 - 5 of  7 pages

Tiffauges mentions he deposited $85,000 in gold in the Northfork Bank.
As we all know, Xavier shoots and kills Tiffauges at the McCain Ranch. I was wondering what happened to the $85,000?
Maybe his sidekicks were able to claim it?
 If so, that would explain why they rode off very happy! In addition to being free of Tiffauges. Thank NorthRidge!

When they meet in town, Lucas agrees to have one drink with Tiffagues. So Xavier hands him a shot glass with dark liquid. In the tighter shots of Lucas, the liquid is correctly dark as well.

But notice in the wider shot. The liquid’s much lighter!

This glass with the lighter liquid is supposed to be Lucas’. Look at the table’s nearest corner right after Lucas takes John Hamilton’s seat. There’s no shot glass. Thanks Ann Marie!

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