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New Orleans Menace episode #10 - 6 of  7 pages


After Lucas and Tiffagues have their discussion at the table outside, Lucas gets up. He and Micah walk toward the general store. Watch the trim about the store’s window. Right after Lucas says, “Micah, you mentioned about deputizing some of the boys,” a big shadow quickly travels left to right over the trim. I wonder what that was. 
(It does move as you watch the episode) Thanks Ann Marie!

This is one of the rare times the dishes are not displayed on the hutch. The cups from the set may be stacked on the middle shelf, but here are bottles and canisters on the top and bottom shelves. Thanks Ann Marie!

Can you remember another time when the front room’s window’s curtains were tied back? I sure can’t. They are tied back all throughout the episode. Thanks Ann Marie!

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