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None So Blind episode #135 - 1 of 2 pages

 Mack was surprised to see how tall Lucas was. He usually didn't run into anybody as tall as he was. They stood back to back and Lucas had Mark measure them with the shovel. There was only a hair difference in our height. How much does a hair measure?

Here we see Mark getting ready to measure the two men.
They are back to back, but not butt to butt! Lucas is slouched down.

I checked IMDB to see what the height was of Mack (Jeff York), he measures 6' 4. We all know that Lucas is taller then him and not but just a hair. Depending where you read your information on Chuck he is 6' 5" - maybe 6' 6. Cowgirl!

About 3.5 minutes into the episode - Lafe, who is wearing a cap, tells Mark he is blind. Mark reacts with shock - scene break immediately follows (apparently it was originally intended to have a commercial there, but the Western channel did not insert a commercial). Immediately after the scene break, Mark is still reacting to the news that Lafe is blind - so it must be a matter of seconds later, but Lafe is no longer wearing his cap. Thanks Renewed Fan!

Mark tells the blind man (as he has described the man walking by and getting ready to assault him) "Give him something to remember you by"
As the blind man moves forward you can see Mark standing up in the corner and looking down to the floor. It looks like he had plenty of time to warn Lucas from getting assaulted. Thanks IR!

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