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The Obituary episode #44 - 3 of 8

How many do-dads did Lucas shoot?
These pictures are from The Obituary

The MADERA HOUSE sign over the hotel does not have any of the little doo-dads that Lucas or others shoot off in various other episodes. Those little targets were obviously added later in the series to provide fodder for Lucas' rifle. Thanks Rob! 

So let's analyze this situation.....did Lucas miss or did we grow another do-dad after Lucas shot it off? Or would you say we have some file footage here?
Interesting.....anybody else have any other interesting conflicts?
 Thanks Tom for submitting the question!

Looks like some file footage in Outlaw's InheritanceSpiked RifleThe Photographer. It also looks like the do-dads were added for The Obituary.

What other episode do we see some one shoot off the do-dads on the sign of the Madera House?
I'm not telling - click here to find out

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