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Old Spike

Old Spike is somewhat of a celebrity around the ranch.

Here we have spottings (file footage) of Spike aka Old Spike.
What does The Rifleman - The Westerner and Perry Mason have in common?
Boy that old buck sure does get around!

This is from The Westerner - The Old Man which aired November 25, 1960.

  In this clip Blassingame (Brian Keith) has a buck in his sights.
Compare these clips they are the same area & the same deer.
In The Rifleman, Spike is a buck.  In The Westerner Spike is Blassingame's dog, but his real name is Brown. 
Both of these series were a Four Star Production. Cowgirl!

Brian Keith as Dave Blassingame and Spike as Brown.

The telescopic rifle was used in The Rifleman - The Second Witness and in The Westerner - The Old Man was a Lyman Special ~ ten power scope ~ full windage ~ elevation knobs. Optics, best made in Europe.

The first modern telescopic rifle was developed in Germany around 1880 - I.E. about the time the episode is set. U.S. made telescopic sites had been around since the 1840's - they were long, running the full length of the barrel (which was shown in the episode), they were heavy, awkward, cumbersome etc. Telescope makers were capable, of course, of making high powered telescopes, but mid-19th century US scopes were usually relatively low power (2.5 to 3x or whatever - - usually nowhere near the 10x described in the episode).  Thanks Renewed Fan!

Sam Peckinpah was the creator of The Rifleman and he wrote The Sharpshooter Home Ranch
He wrote & directed The Marshal The Boarding House The Money Gun The Babysitter

Sam Peckinpah was the writer and the director of The Westerners.

Brown was rescued as a pup from a shelter in Van Nuys, California and became the pet and pupil of animal trainer Frank Weatherwax.

Brown/Spike is an actor, known for What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice? (1969) ― The Westerner (1960) ― Old Yeller (1957).

This is from Perry Mason - The Case of the Wary Wildcatter which aired February 20, 1960.
The man on the left is Roger Byrd a freelancer photographer played by Harry Jackson. Look at what he is shooting Old Spike with. This is a rifle scope mounted 16mm Bell and Howell camera.

Thanks Barry for this great find and Robert Booth for finding this video for me!
Great job guys!

I just love Brian Keith! What a great actor! Of course as most of you know my favorite is Hardcastle and McCormick!
"Hunt 'em, hear 'em and hang 'em, that's the code of the West!"

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