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Old Tony episode #168 - 1 of 2 pages

When Lucas rides into town and goes into Micah's office, he's wearing his shirt sleeves rolled up. (Before Joe arrives in town and insists that Micah arrests Tony.)
Lucas, Micah, and Joe ride to Old Tony's place looking for Mark and Lorie, camera angle from the back shows Lucas is wearing a long leave shirt.
Camera angle changes to the front and Lucas is back to wearing his sleeves rolled up.
Thanks Deanne Bertram!

What I also find interesting is when Lucas rides into town the first time he had long sleeves on to start. Cowgirl!

Lorrie asked Mark if he's ever thought about what his wife would be like, when he's married.  Mark recalls a conversation he had with his Pa, he mentions his Pa smoking a 'PIPE'.  I don't remember a pipe, I always remember the cigar.
Does anyone else know if Lucas did smoke a pipe or is this really a "blunder"?
Thanks Deanne Bertram!

It's a blunder!  Lucas NEVER smoked a pipe - he always smoked cigars!!! (except for the first episode where he smoked a cigarette...)
In The Vision, Mark stated this as well. Thanks Michelle!

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