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When Lucas rides into town waiting for Mark and Lorrie to meet him, they used stock footage from The Surveyors. (Only this time we don't hear the church bell tolling.) And it's really obvious it's recycled, for two reasons. First if you really look at his sideburns, you'll see how much longer they appear in this footage. He kept them much shorter in the later seasons of the series―the footage that was specifically shot for any given episode. Also, when this was used in The Surveyors, while Lucas was riding in, the town was gathered in the church. So no one is on the street. But in the scene after this, Lucas walks into Micah's, and many townspeople can be seen through Micah's Marshall's Office windows. So it's like the people appeared out of nowhere. Thanks Ann Marie!

Given the environment that Mark and Lorrie were riding in, do you think realistically their horses would have gotten that dirty that fast? And how come some of that dust didn't also get on Mark and Lorrie? Thanks Ann Marie! 

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