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This part of the scene was shot using two different windows. When we see Mark’s face, there’s no wood bisecting the glass. (In reality, there may not actually be any glass in front of Mark.) The door window has the framework that separates the panes of glass. Thanks Ann Marie!

The rifle in which Lucas threw at Tom Birch at the end of the episode was a rubber rifle. Chuck would take it home and heft the kids play with it. Cowgirl!

Mom and I think that someone who doesn’t know the correct spelling of French words tried to translate “good time” into English. The correct spelling is “bon temps” but pronounced like how it is incorrectly written. Thanks Ann Marie & Mom!

How many cowboy's other then Lucas also cared for Margaret?
There was Reef Jackson ― episode #162 End of the Hunt, Tom Birch ― episode #25 One Went to Denver
and Lariat Jones ― episode #67 Lariat.

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