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Did anyone else think it was strange that here they are in a flat desert pretty much, but when the rattler spooks the horses and they take off with the wagon, that it crashes down a real steep hill with what looked like a completely different landscape?
Thanks Rhiannon!

Lucas and Mark are supposed to be in the desert. Right after Lucas tells Mark the horse’s leg is broken; notice how the contrast level goes way up. (The darks are much darker and the lights are much lighter. Naturally, the sun will light things differently than man-made lights.) After Lucas says, “We’ve got no choice, son,” and the shot changes to Mark—look behind him. We see those fake painted trees and hills! This part was either shot or reshot on that fake exterior set, not on location in the desert! Thanks Ann Marie!

Here is a great article about The Rifleman — October 1959 TV Guide
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