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The Outlaw's Inheritance episode #38 - 1 of 8 pages

When the lawyer walks into the Madera House, he walks into the dining hall and addresses Micah as "Marshal". Problem: the lawyer is new in town (he just got off the stage and has no visible badge) so how does he know who Micah is? Micah's badge is NOT visible!

When Mark delivers the envelope to Lucas with the $500, there is a chair on the front porch with its back to the wall. (You can see it on the edge of the frame, to the viewer's left, behind Lucas). A moment later, Lucas uses the chair for target practice. It is now out on the porch, facing to the side, and not against the wall. Thanks Renewed Fan!

More 'W' spottings on the Wrangler Jeans. In the bedroom in the hotel room during the storm in Outlaw's Inheritance.
(You have too look really close for this one, I had to re-size this picture, but you can see it.) Thanks Chipster!

Other episode you can also see the 'W' for the Wrangler Jeans are:
Tail of Hate End of A Young Gun The Sidewinder Ordeal

As Lucas fights the second heckler who was standing in front of the saloon you can see the shadows of the men waiting to enter the scene. Thanks Ann Marie!

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