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The Outlaw's Inheritance episode #38 - 4 of 8 pages

Lucas is supposed to have $500 fanned out. However, in reality, there are 3 - $10s, a $100, and another bill we canít see. The way heís holding the bills, you can tell that he doesnít have a huge stack of money. Depending on that last bill, he might have less than $200. Thanks Ann Marie!

When Lucas is standing on the front porch and has the $500 fanned out, thereís an adhesive bandage on his left finger. You can see it again as he begins to read the note accompanying the money. Then he walks back into the house to continue reading the note and the bandage is gone! A minute later, as he and Dave Stafford are getting ready to leave, Lucas goes back outside and the bandage is back on again! Band-Aids were invented in 1920! For the inconsistency of the shot and the historical inaccuracy, this is a literal double boo-boo! Thanks Ann Marie!

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