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The Outlaw's Inheritance episode #38 - 5 of 8 pages

When Lucas is talking to Mark in the buckboard, all the buttons are there and fastened on Lucasí shirt. But pay attention to the fourth button from the top. After he jumps off the buckboard and turns around to say one more thing to Mark, it is definitely in the frame for a couple of split seconds. Then it appears it didnít get buttoned before the next scene was filmed, the fight in front of the saloon.

The button disappears between the time after he finishes talking to Mark and the fight begins. It happened before Lucas even talks to those two guys in front of the saloon, actually. Start looking as he walks in front of the saloon and the two guys standing on the walkway. After Lucas catches the whiskey bottle in his left hand, he talks to the heckler on the left. As Lucas brings the bottle across his body, he kind of turns a bit, still talking to the heckler on the left. That fourth button sure doesn't look like it's fastened to me. Then it definitely is still not visible after the fight. Look as Lucas walks into the frame to talk to Dave, when they are still in front of the saloon. As Lucas is catching his breath, you can see the gap/slack in his shirt since the fourth button is still unbuttoned. Also as Lucas, Micah and Mark all walk into the street--and closer to the camera--you can definitely see that button isn't there. In the next scene, Lucas and Mark go into the bank, and that button has been magically refastened! Thanks Ann Marie!

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