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The Outlaw's Inheritance episode #38 - 6 of 8 pages

Lucas and Mark are staying at the hotel overnight because it is raining so hard the trail has been washed out. Stafford is staying at the hotel too across the hall. He comes to Lucas's room to discuss things. It is still raining and Mark wakes up briefly from the loud thunder. After their talk Stafford leaves and goes downstairs. Britton is in the lobby. Both men step outside on the porch...things do not seem wet. Then then we see Micah closing up shop and walking down the street....everything is as dry as a bone!! And it doesn't even look dark out, it was supposed to be nighttime. Things sure change quick in North Fork! Thanks Rhody!

When Lucas invites Dave into the house for coffee, and Mark brings another cup to the table for him, notice that the cups donít match. (If itís not obvious in this photo, it is while you watch the episode on a bigger screen.) Thanks Ann Marie!

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