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The Outlaw's Inheritance episode #38 - 7 of 7 pages

When Trimble hands Wade Joyner’s will to Lucas, he is wearing gloves. After Trimble leaves the bank, there’s a shot of Lucas and Toomey. Now Lucas’ gloves are off.

On the kitchen wall, notice the skillet is hanging lower in Outlaw’s Inheritance — the photo on the left—than it is in the next episode, The Boomerang, on the right. We see the bottom edge of the pan is just about even with the side door’s sliding lock in the photo on the left. In the photo on the right, it looks like the bottom edge is about six inches higher. 
Thanks Ann Marie for this page of blooper!

Outlaw Inheritance and Tinhorn are the only two episodes where there was poker playing in the hotel. Usually it happened in the saloon, of course. If you want to include any kind of wagering or betting, you could also mention Shattered Idol when Mark Twain and Russell played the billiards game—in what was usually the hotel’s dining room. Thanks Ann Marie!

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