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Panic episode #47 - 2 of 3

 "I'll see ya' tomorrow Dad" said Mark
Thanks, Chawin' Charlie!

What other episode to you hear Mark call Lucas "Dad"?

Mark is going into town to stay with (none other than the consummate babysitter for Mark, Hattie Denton) to escape from the risk of catching Yellow Fever.  As Lucas is left in the scene alone and the buggy pulls away, there is a space vacated in the frame that now exposes a large field to the right of Lucas and the sick couple's covered wagon behind Lucas. If you look carefully, there is a car moving left to right in the distant background. (Look at the blue dot on the picture on the left—You have to watch the episode to get the full effect) It is a mere glimpse, but clearly there for a couple of seconds.  You can see a car like Chawin' Charlie says, you have to look close but there is a moving car.  I did capture this the best I could. Thanks Chawin' Charlie!

Yellow Fever — The couple Lucas finds in the wagon have Yellow Fever which the doctor says is very contagious. Except, Yellow Fever is not contagious. Not at all. It's spread exclusively by mosquitoes (well, ok, possibly also by the bite of an infected monkey, but North Fork was monkey free as far as we know). You can't catch Yellow Fever from being close to someone. Lucas could have shared a cup of coffee with Clay and made out with Amy without contracting it.

You might say that at the time the folks of North Fork wouldn't have known any better, but a Cuban doctor had put forth the idea that the disease was carried by mosquitoes as early as 1881. Walter Reed also supported the findings. It would have been highly publicized as there was quite a bit of controversy when it was first published. Surely the doctor in North Fork would have heard about it. Before anyone realized it was mosquitoes it seems like people believed the disease was transmitted through contaminated water.

Even in 1870 they were realizing that quarantining patients in a hospital or home didn't stop the spread and started looking at outside causes. In 1878 they started quarantining ships and not letting them unload cargo until inspected and fumigated and not allowing sailors to come on land carrying their things. In North America it was most often found in swampy southern areas or major river and sea ports where boats would carry mosquitoes into the cities. Memphis was decimated in 1878.

A case of Yellow Fever on a wagon train in New Mexico territory would have been unusual to say the least. The incubation period is only 3-6 days. You have to wonder where they were possibly supposed to have picked it up. Thanks TV Fan!

At the general store, on the counter in front of Brett Conway is a box of Dutch Master Cigars. They were not sold in the US until 1911. Thanks Ann Marie!

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