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The Pet episode #15 - 5 of 10 pages

When Lucas is saddling up Razor to ride into town, Mark is setting on the fence stroking Razor's face. But in the close up it's not Razor, it's a different horse. Thanks Rob!

Right before Mark shows Lucas the horse bite on his hand, Lucas says, to Mark, “Didn’t we always agree to tell each other everything?” NOT “Didn’t we agree you would always tell me everything?” as the series would later prove. Consider the following: Six Years And A Day: Lucas begins to tell Mark that his mother had been sick right before she was due to deliver. Mark says to Lucas that he doesn’t have to explain. And that’s the end of that. Lucas could have insisted. And it’s a shame, since it would have been one of the rare times he spoke about Margaret. Then in Face Of Yesterday at the end, Mark tries to ask Lucas about what happened. Lucas says it’s something he’d like to forget. Then in The Prisoner once Lucas is safely back home, Mark asks, “It must’ve been bad,” and all Lucas says is “Yeah” and that’s that. Also, in Old Man Running he doesn’t want to tell Mark what his grandfather did. And this is the fifth season, when Mark is—at least in appearance—substantially older. In my opinion, it’s most ghastly for Lucas to ever say this to Mark in the last season. I’m sure there are other examples. Thanks Ann Marie!

When Lucas leaves the Dr office the first time there is a wet spot over his left pocket. When he walks over to the wagon his shirt is dry.
Thanks wildwest!

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