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The Photographer During the time that the lens cap is off the camera, Mark moves. Specifically, he changes his mouth, smiling more broadly part way through the exposure time - - the picture would have been blurred, at least for the area around Mark's mouth, without regard to all the movements by gunmen, etc. in the background. Thanks Renewed Fan!

I watched that episode last night, Mark does keep moving and the picture would have been blurred anyway. Also the photographer was not too steady himself. Abel mentions that he had taken Lucas & Margaret's wedding picture. Did we know there was one? Lucas never showed this to Mark. The only one we have ever seen was of Margaret. Boy would I had loved to have seen that picture! Cowgirl!

Notice the US on the wagon, what would Able Goss be doing with a Calvary wagon? Cowgirl!

*Photography in the 19th century was accurately portrayed in this episode, in that a person had to hold still for some seconds to have his/her picture made (a few seconds to 30+ seconds, depending on light and on how modern the equipment being used by the photographer was). By the early 1880's, they had probably improved on the foregoing sentence (which relates more to the 1860's - remember, I am a Civil War buff) but there would still have been photographers around with older equipment.
So, it was accurately shown that the photographer removes the lens cover, counts to 3 or 4 or whatever, then covered the lens again. Mark McCain would have had to hold very still, or blur the picture! No photographer would have taken a picture on the street like that, because horses, pedestrians, gunmen at 2nd story windows, or whatever, would have blurred the picture.
Also, they used "wet plate" photography during much of the 19th century - I am not sure when it was replaced by dry plate photography- but it looked like a wet plate frame he was using. A wet plate had to be prepared immediately before the shot - and then developed IMMEDIATELY before the plate dried. Developing the picture for the trial, maybe several days later, would not have worked. Thanks Renewed Fan!

The MADERA HOUSE sign over the hotel does not have any of the little doo-dads that Lucas shoots off in various other episodes. Those little targets were obviously added later in the series to provide fodder for Lucas' rifle. Thanks Rob! 

Has anyone ever noticed when Lucas says "Mark and I have some buying to do. Alright if we come back later?" Lucas tells Mark to come on, so Mark starts walking, but Lucas suddenly grabs him by the neck and pulls him back beside him...I wonder why?  Was this Lucas pulling Mark next to him in a fatherly gesture, or was it Chuck pulling Johnny back into the scene? Thanks Michelle Palmer!

Goss says he only fired his gun after a bullet came close to his head. If there were only two shots fired and one hit Whiteside in the back from the hotel where did Goss's bullet go and what about the one that Goss described as going past his head. Did I miss something?
Thanks markisddg!

When Mark and Lorrie first get to Old Tony's the horses are covered in "sweat" but at the water trough, there is no sweat. They sure got cleaned up fast. Tony tells Mark and Lorie to water their horses because they were hot and had been ridden so hard. Anybody with a horse knows to NEVER water them when they are that hot. Let them cool down first and then water them. Thanks Gloria Fortner!

Thanks Ann Marie!

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