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The Photographer episode #18 - 2 of 7 pages

In the close ups of Mark during Lucas’ testimony, his bangs are combed over and then down the right side of his head. But in the scene where Lucas and Mark leave the courtroom and talk, Mark’s hair is much neater. In the wide shots, his bangs are combed basically over the top of his head, going towards the back. It looks like his hair has some cream or gel in it. Thanks Ann Marie!

But in the close ups Mark’s hair is parted to the side, with the edges brushed over his ear. Also, there doesn’t appear to be any cream or gel. (This third style is how his hair is during his testimony). When Lucas and Mark walk back into the courtroom, the bangs are down the right side of his head again.

Then during the testimony, notice how Mark's hair is combed in the third style mentioned previously. But the edge of his bangs that were sticking out over his ear just a minute before are now very neatly trimmed. Thanks Ann Marie!

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