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Notice that while Judge Hanavan says, “There will be no smoking, chewing or other use of tobacco during the course of this trial,” a puff of smoke goes over Mark’s head. The judge doesn’t tell anyone to extinguish anything. So…did he not see it? But how could he not smell it? Was it done as a joke? It’s impossible to see this in a captured still, but very visible in the video. Thanks Ann Marie!

Did you notice that Micah’s jail cell’s window’s bars also changed during the series? Thanks Ann Marie!

While Mark is reenacting the shooting in the street, I find it amusing that all the horses are hitched in exactly the same places as they were when Jamison shot Col. Whiteside—except for the horse that’s to Col. Whiteside’s left in the first photo. Now it’s next to the darker horse—the one that was to Col. Whiteside’s right. Even back then, I don’t think the murder and trial—and sentencing, if there was one—would be in the same day. A legitimate procedure, anyways. Also take into consideration what Judge Hanavan said at the end—that Jamison would have to wait to explain his reasons for killing Col. Whiteside—when he could set up another trial. Thanks Ann Marie!

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