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Did anyone notice what happens when Swifty drives the wagon up to the poisoned water-hole in the beginning of this episode? Razor shies away from the wagon and moves backward. Speedy jumps out of the way and lands on the boards covering the water-hole. I'm wondering if this was intentional or a blooper.

Before cutting away to a close-up of Swifty on the wagon, Lucas and Mark are on their horses. We see Swifty and Speedy in a close-up and then cut back to Lucas and Mark, who are now on the ground and mounting their horses. Thanks PJH!

In the opening scene nobody bothered to put the planks back over the poisoned waterhole. Or did they?

A good rancher would re-cover the waterhole, and I'll bet Lucas and Mark were doing just that, but it got clipped for time. Otherwise, the waterhole didn't get covered, and the blunder would be some dead cattle in the McCain's future. Thanks UglyBug!

Speed tore his trousers and said it was Lucas' fault. Ya' know when I was watching this video, I honestly don't see how Speed tore his pants. I bet his trousers were tore before hand and this was just Speed working one of his cons to get a free meal. Cowgirl!

Watching Lucas & Speed together, they sure seem to be enjoying themselves. Like a private joke or something between them.

Mark and Swifty agree to enter the barn to fight after finishing the dishes. So when Swifty apologizes and wants to trade with Mark, how come Mark already has a pouch of stuff in his shirt all ready to trade? Seems like he'd have to go back into the house to get this pouch. They probably did the scene that way for time, but it doesn't look natural. Also, if Mark did carry that pouch around with him all the time and they had fought instead of traded, would Mark have remembered to take it out of his shirt before the fight began? Thanks Ann Marie! 

If you look at this picture..... Mark's shirt is already unbuttoned before they agree to go to the barn. It sure does look like Mark did carry that pouch around with him all the time. Cowgirl!
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