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Lucas brings Jennifer back from North Fork, and Mark and her brother are in the wagon, too; they arrive at the McCain ranch, the boys bail out of the wagon and run off toward the back of the house while Lucas helps Jennifer from the buckboard, only IT IS NOT LUCAS.  As they pull up, you can see the actor won't keep his head up, trying to hide it from the camera. Then, watch closely as he takes her from the seat and turns. Not Lucas.—Thanks Chris!  
(These pictures aren't the greatest, but I'm sure you can tell that it's not Lucas!)

When Mark came home from school, he saw Jennifer looking at his mother’s picture. Jennifer told Mark she was beautiful. Mark told her..... “You look a little bit like her, Jennifer.”

When Lucas was plowing the field, Jennifer goes out to talk to him.

As they talk Jennifer asks: “Mr. McCain, was your wife a blonde?”

He told her his wife had hair about the color of hers.

Was this a blooper or was just her way of changing the subject? Cowgirl!

This has always made perfect sense to me as a young girl purposely testing in Lucas by asking him something she already knew was not true to get him to notice her, and speak of her own hair. Thanks Greg Merrill!

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