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The Princess episode #125 - 2 of 5 pages

Jennifer has gone into the house and her pursuers are in the yard talking to Lucas. Lucas goes into the house to get Jennifer and Mark has just come in from the back door and says they've gone. Well they have gone into the barn so wouldn't those men in the yard see a boy and a woman enter the barn. I thought the barn only had one door. In the old episodes the barn door was further from the house and in the later episodes it's on the side. Thanks markisddg!

When Jennifer rides up to the cabin and comes to a quick stop, you can see the horse slides across the stage. Thanks Bob!

Jennifer must have borrowed Mark's shirt.
 I wonder if they are his jeans too! Cowgirl!

Do you remember the clothes Percy wore in Hostages to Fortune?
Percy dressed like Mark towards the end of the episode. Cowgirl!

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