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The Prodigal episode #71 - 1 of 3 pages

When Billy's mother gets off the stage, she embraces Billy - and momentarily grabs the muzzle of the revolver that Lucas is holding to Billy's back. Thanks Renewed Fan!

Lucas is told that he would only have to play this farce  for 1 day because she would be leaving the next day.  
So, here goes:
1.  Supper is fixed - it looks to be dark outside while they are eating supper.
2. Breakfast is ready
3.  It's night time and she brings Mark in a snack
But maybe they just got scene 3 and 2 backwards when they put this episode together...
Also, when Lucas lays her down on the bed, she has her hat and veil on.  The next second, it's off!
Thanks Michelle!

Did you notice in some of the episodes you see some of the cowboys make it a point to grab the week on a buggy or grab a hold of the harness to the horses.
In The Illustrator you can see the cowboys grab a hold of the harness while Jeremiah sketched the picture of the killer. In The Prodigal when Lucas, William Havecourt & Mrs. Havecourt arrive back at the ranch I noticed Luis stepped down off the porch. I thought he was going to help Mrs. Havecourt down from the buckboard, but he didn't. He grabbed a hold of the harness to steady the horses. I know that someone has to steady the horses/buggies in scenes like this, it is just so obvious in these scenes. Cowgirl!

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