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The Promoter episode #87 - 2 of 2 pages

One of my favorite bloopers - Rueben meets Mark on the street and starts admiring the new shotgun up at the sky. Ruben, the mentally-challenged gunslinger, approaches. They talk for a moment - this is the first time they have ever met. Rueben does NOT tell Mark his name. But, when Lucas walks up, Mark knows Rueben's name and introduces him to his father. Thanks Renewed Fan!

When Reuben starts talking to Mark about that fine shotgun and never does mention his name...but Mark immediately introduces Reuben to Lucas...someone was asleep when they wrote the script and no one caught it..or Mark is telepathic? Thanks markisddg!

When Ruben turns to face Scully in the street, there is a group of people in the background. Archie is at the back. The scene cuts to Lucas, and there is Archie again behind him.

There is also another man in a plaid shirt in both scenes also. Thanks Charlene F.!

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