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(left) While Lucas & Mark are riding to the camp of Wang Chi you see Mark younger & also a different jacket on. (right) This is where Lucas and Mark have arrived at Wang Chi's camp. Here Mark has on a denim jacket on and he is older. The one of course is the file footage. Sorry the pictures are the best, but both of these are night photos. Cowgirl!

Watch the scene where Lucas, Mark and Micah are eating together in the hotel. They hear shots outside. They run out and see Vince Fergus and his sidekick firing off their two revolvers to scare the Chinese father/son off.
It appears that the two drunks have only one revolver each - twelve rounds total. But if you listen closely, you hear a total of 18 gunshots. Thanks Renewed Fan!

Lucas is not riding Razor home from town early in the episode…this horse has some white on its face. Later when he and Mark ride to Wang’s rescue, it looks like he’s on Razor. Probably because it's stock footage, as previously bloopered.

Interesting note: episode was written by Beverly Fix, (Micah/Paul's wife). Thanks Wendy!

Beverly Fix was also Paul's secretary before they married. Cowgirl!

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