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Quiet Fear episode #127 - 1 of 3

They show the name "BUD" scrawled into the wood two times...The first time you see it's been scrawled by Bryce to show Abby.

Then they show it again when Abby points out the name of the person who attacked her. They show it.."BUD" has been written very differently almost like with chalk so it can be read. The B's are noticeably different. Thanks Mariksddg!

Abby was a deaf/mute, why was her father telling her (at the end, when they were about to board the stage) to 'come along, Abbey', and while she was kissing the guy, her Pa yelled 'Abbey' as if she could hear him. Wishful thinking on his part?
Thanks Mary!

Enid Jaynes' character is listed as Abbey Striker but when Mark was showing her how to write her name, he wrote it on the book as "Abby".
Thanks Ann Marie!

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