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Quiet Night, Deadly Night episode #146 - 1 of 4 pages

Just saw the episode with Ed Ames. When Nils is playing checkers with Mark, he calls him "John". Thanks Jon!

The stage arrived in North Fork after "two days" of hard traveling from Denver. Well, Denver to the New Mexico line is right at 200 miles. From geographic clues in other episodes, North Fork seems to be closer to Mexico than to Colorado. That stage coach must have been flying!!! I think that a reasonable pace for a stage coach would be 6-8 miles an hour. Allowing for a 10 hour travel day, 60-80 miles a day would have been reasonable. (The Butterfield Overland Stage did about 2800 miles in about 25 days, but they were the fastest, or one of the fastest, lines- - even assuming that the Denver to North Fork stage went just as fast, it still barely had time to reach the New Mexico line. Thanks Renewed Fan!

How about the part where Lou demands that Coyle, the gunslinger, pay for his whiskey. He throws a coin right at her face. Lucas snatches it right out of the air. "Good catch, Cowboy!" Cowgirl!

And how about the part where Nils was going to offer Mark a drink? "Would you like―can I get you a drink of water or something?" Asked Nils. Cowgirl!

Anyway when the stage pulls up to the hotel in QNDN the driver says they need a doctor one of the passengers is sick. There are only 3 passengers Molly, Betty and Lee Coyle but they are all sitting together on one side of the stage coach when there was plenty of room on the opposite side. If she was so sick why didn't Coyle move to the other side. Thanks Markisddg!

When Lucas is talking to Mark from the hotel door the wide shot shows that Mark's hair is down on his forehead but when they do the tight shot his hair is all combed back under his hat. I guess it was the way they edited it.
Thanks Markisddg!

Just an opinion…...I noticed when Betty was gettin’ off the stage and she slumped into Lou's arms, Lucas made no move to help until Lou said “give me a hand Cowboy”. Thanks wildwest!

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